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WordPress Tutorial – What, Why, Where, and the Benefits of WordPress

Do you know about WordPress? No? No problem. Let me try to make you understand the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) and its benefits in our life. Just relax and go through the below article WordPress What, Why, Where, and the Benefits of WordPress and see the beauty with the benefit of WordPress.

What is WordPress? 

Founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little launched WordPress on 27th May 2003.  It’s a site-building system developed by the programming languages PHP and MySQL. In the ICT world, it’s called Content Management System (CMS). The organization B2 and CAFELOG is the front-line ambassador of WordPress. In the beginning, WordPress was Matt and Little’s small project. But now WordPress is one of the best front-line contributors to content management systems.

Actually, it’s an open-source content management system in the website world. Open source means it’s all kinds of sources like user freeness, copyright bar, purchase, etc. are open to all, and content management means you can use any kind of content like image, audio, video, etc. in your website. Using this system we can make an attractive and powerful website for us.

Why should I learn WordPress?

Do you know? At present, over 1.18 billion active websites are on the internet, and (40 to 45)% of them are powered or supported by WordPress. There are so many site-building software out there like Joomla, Drupal, WiX, etc. To use nearly all of them like a mid-level user you have to learn at least some programming language like HTML CSS, PHP, etc. But to use WordPress if you know those programming languages are better, but without learning such kind of programming language also you can develop a nice website for your own and also for all. 

Where do I use WordPress?

Basically, it was an online base bloggers platform in the web world. But day by day developers think about its power and its flexibility for all and update WordPress for all level users. And now WordPress is one of the best website bases Contain Management Systems (CMS). All kinds of sites like personal, official, and even social network sites can possibly develop and update easily.

For example, not only does WordPress power a huge number of business sites and blogs but it is also the most popular way to create eCommerce and other sites very simply. Using WordPress you can develop;

  1. eCommerce sites
  2. Portfolio
  3. Business websites
  4. Blogs
  5. Forum
  6. Social network site

     So much more …..

Difference with Others

Ok, we know that over 40 to 45% of active websites are powered by WordPress in the sector from a home base small online delivery business to Microsoft. But still, the question is, Why do you use WordPress? Fine, see;

  1. WordPress is totally free to use in every way

You can easily download WordPress from the net and install it on your PC. No need to pay anyone, it is totally free. For hosting you will need a very little amount of money, but updating and using plugins, and themes are absolutely free.  

  1. WordPress is easy to install

No need to be a software analyst or operations expert to install WordPress in your system. With just some simple click as instructed in the installation wizard, an educated person can install WordPress. Giving dedicated installation tools to install processes for beginners is very easy.

  1. WordPress is also can use non-professional 

For using WordPress no need to be an expert in programming software, anyone can develop their website using Themes and Plugins. Themes can basically change or modify the looks of your site and Plugins can change and modify the function that how your site can work.   

  1. WordPress help is easy to find 

The most friendly matter of WordPress is to find every kind of solution regarding use and checking is very easy. You can find so many instructions about software in itself. Also on the internet, you can find so many instruction tips from so many channels like groups, free tutorials, user associations, etc.   

Benefits from WordPress

From the above, I think it is very much clear to everyone that in the web world WordPress is definitely the easiest way to work with websites. Now see how you can make yourself a beneficiary. Some of them are described below;

  • To be a website code developer: Nowadays so many people want to be a website developer, but in the old way to develop a website, people need to know different types of software like HTML, PHP, Java, C++, etc. But using only WordPress you can develop and maintain different types of websites and make a career as a developer and earn a handsome amount.
  • Can be plugins and themes developer: As we know that WordPress plugins and themes are free to all. So if you are from an academically CSE background and you know some coding software, you can make plugins or themes and earn from updates and further service.  
  • As a user: If you are not a plugins or themes developer then also you can provide service against the charge and earn a handsome amount as a freelancer.


In conclusion, we can say, WordPress is the biggest and fastest-growing CMS. Also, it’s the safest platform to learn and use your skills easily. With innovation, you can build a successful WordPress-focused professional. Lots of opportunities are there….


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