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5 Advantage & Disadvantages of WordPress

We know at present, there are almost all kinds of data correspondence platforms in the world is online base. One of the most important reason is its swiftness and security. All kinds of correspondence are happening using different kinds of websites. And at this point, WordPress is performing a most important role. Nearly 40-45% of the total website is powered by WordPress.

So, it’s clear that WordPress is one of the most important platforms for building almost all kinds of websites. Still, there are some minor disadvantages also in it. Find below 5 advantages and disadvantages of WordPress


Easy for All

Generally, we know that to do work with Information Technology, the user has at least minimal knowledge of online system. But the good thing about WordPress is anyone who has a mid-level academic qualification can do work with WordPress. Using its in-built dashboard you can add new posts, and pages, change themes and settings and so many more. 

Free for All

To build a website and its security with updates on almost all other platforms you have to pay for it. In WordPress platform, you will get maximum support and are almost free. Installing software, using plugins, updating features, and even primary hosting is almost free for all.

Best Blogging Platform

Nowadays blog, blogger, blogging are very common words in online world. So many people are working or practicing their skills on blogs or articles. WordPress has acquired a very good reputation for not only blogging but also one of the best platforms for building blogging websites. To create a website you will get a default blog in it.

SEO Friendly

When we search for anything in the search engine, it always prefers simple and clean words to make a preference for us. It’s easy for them to read and understand your needs. Actually, it controls the components in search engine optimization to customize each page. So that they can ensure a high search ranking. Also in build plugins will help to extend the website’s reach.

Dependable Security

To make a strong and fortifying site WordPress has so many built-in plugins and security tools. By choosing WordPress for your business website, you can be sure about your site’s security and block hacks from hackers. Using different security plugins like iThem Security, Jetpack, WP fail2ban, Sucuri Security, SecuPress, etc. you can secure your site strongly.   


Always alert for an update

Unlike others, in WordPress, you have to always be alert to updates. As a popular CMS and for house developers, frequent updates are available on this platform with various new subjects. If you are a professional developer or user, you have to update yourself frequently to get better and latest topics.

Install plugins for extra features

Sometimes attained plugins are outdated and it doesn’t work. Besides the core program for doing different types of extra work, you have to install different plugins and update them from time to time. Some of them are free but maximums are payable. You have to purchase it from the vendor and install it with a payable service contract.

Make net speed slow

Because of so many extra plugins, databases, and codebases, WordPress has become a slow platform. Not only extra plugins but also enlarge images, a lot of extra content on the page also can make your net speed slow. Page speed is very important for your platform’s performance to users. Sometimes that user may feel anxious and choose to leave.

Website can go down without notice

If you are not allart on your site, you may see anytime that your site is down for some hours or even day long. Definitely it will have a bad impact on your work as well as your business. Some time for that you have to contract an agency to recover and monitor it from time to time. Of Course it will make you spend extra money.

Website Vulnerability

There is always bad beside good. In this digital world you will get a good genius and some bad genius. For that your site can be hacked or attacked by spam anytime. Because of the huge popularity they try to attack on WordPress. We know WordPress itself is trying to protect it using their own security system. But as I told you before, they are also genius but bad. So you have to apply some highly strong protection at your own cost.


Basically I am trying to tell you that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. Because of its popularity and easy access some problems are also there. To read this article at least you can judge yourself at the time of making a website. In one way using this system you will find different kinds of work easy and potential. And the other way is its limitation and sensitivity. 


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