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Difference between a Landing page and a Website?

People in the present day are busier than time. Even so many people in the world can not complete their most important work within 24 hours a day. Many people don’t have enough time to spend searching for their essential things whether physical or on the net.  

On the other hand, as a small business owner, anyone wishes to gather more visitors to their product or business. But to think about the profit level, they fell worried about vast marketing expenses and visitor time limit of tolerance. In this circumstance, developers do a deep analysis and revelled a system called Landing page to showcase a business’s online presence.

Landing Page & Webpage

To better understand, first we have to know about the Landing page as well as the Website. If you come to know the basic construction and work, simply you can understand the differential and integral of a landing page and a website. However, in this article, I tried to explain about what is the difference between a landing page and a website. 

So relax! With a little patience, just go through the topic. I think you will be more clear than before about the fact.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is basically a single web page, where sealers/companies provide any of their single product, brand or offer. 

Sometimes before, if you wanted to find any product or offer from a company, you had to go to their site’s Home page first. Then page by page you had to search and after finding the product, you had to click on the product detail link to find that product or offer’s details. That’s the page that we are calling a landing page. 

Landing Page

To minimize the browsing time and cost, developers generate a new URL system. Using this system you can directly reach or land on a particular page of a product/offer details.

What is a Website?

A website is a bundle of pages, which is interconnected with each other via a page linking system under a single domain name.

Using a website, basically, we try to provide our company or the business details. We provide what the company does, its products and services, site access permission like login, a forum, etc.

So in jest, we can say a website is to describe your product details and give users access to get a service.

Web Page

LP or WP

Which one is for you- Landing page or Website:

Generally, a beginner becomes confused to take the decision about, which one is necessary and perfect for their purpose? The answer lies in the purpose and what exactly want to do using the system.

If you want to launch a single product and make it popular within a short time, then the landing page is better for you. It will create your online presence for your business, and capture potential customers.

But if you want to promote your full business and want to multiple pages online presence, then the website is for you. Using a website you can control things like WooCommerce, Social media networks, a blog, etc.

Common fact of the Landing page and Website:

Though we develop a landing page for our single product or offer information, we can convert it into a website by arranging a minimum of 5(five) or more pages. In parallel, each and every page of a website is a landing page. We can convert every informative single page of a website to a landing page.

Basic comparison chart of a Landing page and Website:

Landing pageWebsite
It’s a single page for a single product or serviceIt’s a bundle of pages for a complete business or service
Access and navigation are limitedFull access to all navigation
All kinds of content accessOnly 03(Text, Image & Form) can access
Increase sales or visitors fast but limitedIncrease business or company slow but full limit.


If you feel that you are still confused, then I will tell you to use both. Even frankly, I will advise using such things as Microsite and App also. In my sense, by using them all you can feel the real need for a real platform. In addition, I believe that the above information will help a lot to choose the right path to your success.


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