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How to Increase the File Upload Size in WordPress?

When the question comes to mind, How to increase the file upload size in WordPress? Before the answer of existing, simply one fundamental question comes to mind, What is File Upload Size in WordPress?


As WordPress users, what we should do to start our related work? First, we have to install the WordPress software system in either IP hosting system with a domain name or in our computer system as a Local system.

In both systems a common thing we found, and it is file upload size capacity of your website. In IP hosting system, it will depend on the hosting category and contract and in the Local system, it depends on default support.

Generally, we develop our website to let people know about our business, product or support. To do such, we have to upload different types of content like text, images or video/animated clips.

Sometimes the file size becomes high for its quality to maintain. But due to your uploading capacity, at the time of uploading your content, your site may stop. In this circumstance, we have to think about the file upload capacity of our website. 

No need to worry about that, in the below points, I will tell you at-list three ways to increase your file upload size on your WordPress website.

How to check the File upload size limit in WordPress?

To increase our file upload size in WordPress, first, we have to confirm or existing size limit. To do so, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Media and Add New. You can see an Upload New Media screen on the dashboard. At below left end you can see the line “Maximum upload file size: …. MB.

Existing FUL Check

On the screen, we can see the Maximum upload file size: 2 MB. Now, see the below steps to increase your file upload size.

Edit your existing PHP.INI file:

In our hosting root directory, a file named PHP.INI should be there. This file basically controls a lot of setting in our WordPress hosting environment. By editing this file from the directory, we can update our file upload size.

For doing so, we have to open our WordPress root directory. Open the file in any text editor and then write three lines as stated below on it. We can increase as much as we like but within the hosting maximum limit.

To upload file size up to 32M, just change the line as;

  • upload_max_filesize = 32M
  • post_max_size = 64M
  • memory_limit = 128M

Sometimes you may not get the file in a directory, but don’t be upset. Just create a new file and deploy it in the directory. Click the right mouse and select “Add New File” and then paste the above three lines into the file. Finally, save the file as PHP.INI.

Edit your existing .Htaccess file:

As like as file editing existing PHP.INI file, another process is also there. Edit .Htaccess file is as same as PHP.INI editing. Only one more code (php_value) you have to add before, see as below;

  • php_value upload_max_filesize = 32M
  • php_value post_max_size = 64M
  • php_value memory_limit = 128M

If you don’t get .Htaccess file in the directory, then also no problem. Create a file like PHP.INI and upload it to the WordPress root directory.

Increase the file upload size in WordPress using the Plugin

If you are not a CS background or simply not a coding expert, then another simple option is there for beginners. You can use a plugin to increase your file upload size.

You have to find a proper plugin from the WordPress plugin section. It should definitely be compatible with your current WordPress version. Install and Activatevate it properly, then follow me with the instructions stated below;

FUL Plugin

For a better and real-life example, I am choosing the plugin name “Max Upload Filesize

After installing and activating the plugin, you will get the Upload Filesize button on the dashboard menu bar. To click on that button, you will see the Upload Filesize Setting. Put your file upload limit in the Maximum File Upload size box. You must enter the limit in between your hosting provider’s limit.

This way also you can increase your File upload size in WordPress.

FUL Limit Increase

Take Hosting Provider support

Besides the above, so many options are there to increase your File upload size in WordPress. But if no one work to your satisfaction, connect to your hosting provider. I think they will definitely provide you with a solution to solve your problem.

Every hosting provider has its own plan to provide a default limit. But if you want more limits according to your need, they will provide more according to their existing plan.


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